Pelletts Guinea Pig Boarding - Availability


Our daily rate for a single guinea pig/pygmy hedgehog staying in a standard 120cm x 58cm cage is £10. Christmas day/bank holidays there is a £5 surcharge.

Our daily rate for a bonded pair staying in a standard 120cm x 58cm cage is £12. Christmas day/bank holidays there is a £5 surcharge.

Our daily rate for Cavy Cottage which is suitable for up to three guinea pigs is £15. Christmas day/bank holidays there is a £5 surcharge.

Hamsters, gerbils or mice arriving with their own cage, bedding, and dry food, are charged at £6 per day, per cage (Christmas day/bank holidays there is a £4 surcharge on the daily rate).

We offer a 20% discount to boarders over 28 days & will remove the bank holiday surcharges as well as doing guinea pig nail clipping for free. For boarders over 28 days there will be an £11.20 surcharge, per animal, per extra 3 months for insurance purposes. Please email us directly for a quote.

We charge the daily rate for the arrival and departure days regardless of pick up/drop off time, and we have a minimum booking period of 3 days.

If you have specialist requirements, please contact us to double check any additional fees which may be involved.

For new clients when making a guinea pig reservation you will need to pay a non-refundable £20 deposit to secure your booking.

Full payment of the remaining balance is expected prior to, or on arrival. Payment of the remaining balance can be made by BACS transfer or cash.

The guinea pig apartment price is inclusive of:

  • Consistent on site one on one expert attention for your guinea pig
  • A friendly personal service for you
  • Large spacious and secure apartment for your guinea pig
  • A clean and hygienic environment for your guinea pig to stay in
  • Ensure your guinea pig has a constant supply of hay
  • Ensure your guinea pig is fed daily pellets (supplied by you)
  • Fresh vegetables daily as part of your guinea pigs normal diet
  • Fresh water changed daily
  • Heating (24/7 if required)
  • Air Conditioning in the summer to keep your guinea pig cool
  • Lighting
  • DAB Radio for soothing background music
  • Text message updates on how your guinea pigs are doing
  • Peace of mind

We ask that you bring enough of your guinea pigs pellets (dry food) for their stay. Hay and fresh vegetables are provided. Please bring any toys or small animal beds that your guinea pig uses to help them feel at home.

Other services available whilst your guinea pig is boarding with us:

  • Guinea Pig bath using anti-parasitic shampoo, blow dry, de-tangling, & hair trimming £10
  • Parasite check using a high power microscope £5
  • Guinea Pig Nail Clipping £5
  • Administering Medication £2 per day
  • We can also pick, and drop off your animals, if you are within 15 miles, at an agreed time, for £5 + 50p per mile (plus any congestion charge, or parking fees incurred)