Pelletts Guinea Pig Boarding - Availability


Q. Do you look after guinea pigs and rabbits living together?
A. No, we only look after guinea pigs. If you have a rabbit and guinea pig living together you should seek advice from a reputable rescue as this is really not an ideal combination.

Q. Can you accommodate more than two guinea pigs in one apartment?
A. Yes. We have two larger apartment which can accommodate up to three guinea pigs.

Q. Which product do you clean your cages with?
A. All cages are cleaned with F10 Veterinary Disinfectant which is totally safe & poses no hazard to your animal. F10 provides high level disinfection against bacteria, fungi and most viruses. We only use plastic cages as these are more hygienic than the wooden ones.

Q. What bedding do you use?
A. We use paper fitch bedding and hay, and ensure any wet/soiled paper is changed daily. We never use sawdust or wood shavings as these can give your guinea pigs respiratory problems.If you would like to use your own fleece bedding then please let us know in advance.

Q. Do you sterilize your water bottles?
A. Yes. Your guinea pig will never be given a water bottle that another guinea pig has used until it has been fully sterilized. We also ensure the bottles and spouts are cleaned daily.

Q. How often are the food bowls cleaned?
A. Food bowls are cleaned daily and any food that is not eaten will be thrown away.

Q. Can I bring my own cage?
A. Yes, but the dimensions must be no larger than 120cm long and 58cm wide. Please let us know in advance if you are bringing your own cage.

Q. What vegetables do you feed the guinea pigs?
A. We will liaise with you to ensure your guinea pig has his favourite vegetables whilst you are away. All vegetables and fruits are fresh and served at room temperature.

Q. What treats do you feed the guinea pigs?
A. We will liaise with you but prefer not to give treats that contain E permitted chemical colourants or high levels of sugar fats as these could be detrimental for your guinea pigs health.

Q. What hay do you use?
A. We use Timothy hay which is always mould free, dry and free from dust.

Q. How do you carry out a parasite check?
A. A strip of sellotape is wiped on the rump of the guinea pig. This is then placed on a slide and viewed under a microscope. If any mites or lice are detected, we recommend treatment with an anti-parasitic shampoo.

Q. Which anti-parasitic shampoo do you use to bath the guinea pigs?
A. We use Lice & Easy which is a safe anti-parasitic shampoo. We recommend you have your guinea pig bathed with an anti-parasitic shampoo every month. A non anti-parasitic shampoo is available if your guinea pig has already recently been treated.