Pelletts Guinea Pig Boarding - Availability

Hello and a warm welcome to Pelletts.

We are a fully insured, indoor guinea pig boarding facility; conveniently located in West London, within ten minutes of Heathrow airport.

We have been awarded "Best Indoor Guinea Pig Boarding Facility in London" at the Pet Products and Services Awards 2022.

Pelletts is run by Stefan, who is a fully qualified Rodent Health Advisor (RHA), registered with the British Association of Rodentologists, having completed training at the Cambridge Cavy Trust (CCT). Stefan also has experience as a volunteer home visitor for the RSPCA.

We provide a range of additional services, including grooming, nail clipping, lice & parasite checks.

We also offer boarding for pygmy hedgehogs, hamsters, gerbils and mice. Unfortunately we are unable to offer boarding to degus, rats, rabbits or chinchillas.

If you have any enquiries or wish to make a booking then please contact us directly via email.