Pelletts Guinea Pig Boarding - Availability


We have eight spacious indoor apartments. The Burrow, Wigmore, The Brambles, High Place, Middle View, Nestle Down, Shady Pines & Sunnydale, all of which are 120cm long and 58cm wide, and suitable for up to two guinea pigs.

We have Cavy Cottage, which is 140cm long and is suitable for up to three guinea pigs.

Each apartment has its own spacious hidey house (two houses in Cavy Cottage), and is lined with paper bedding & hay, which is changed daily.

They are not in direct sunlight, and we provide plenty of ventilation to ensure your guinea pigs have a comfortable stay. We have air conditioning in the summer months

A DAB radio with classical music is played during the day to help your guinea pigs relax.

Hamsters, gerbils and mice must be provided with their own secure cage, and bedding. Please email us the dimensions of your cage, for us to be able to confirm that we are able to accommodate your pets.